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**如閣下登記會員時, 並未購買任何Olympus 產品, 可直接跳過此部份。
往後可於 Club OM 登記保養產品資料。
此產品保用登記只適用於在香港並附有“OM Digital Solutions Hong Kong Limited”發出有效“產品保用咭”的產品 。閣下必需在產品保養期內完成產品保養登記,方可尊享額外三個月的本地保養服務(香港)。

**三個月產品保養延長優惠適用於相機機身(OM-D/PEN), M.ZUIKO 鏡頭 (只適用於獨立購買鏡頭和M.ZUIKO Pro套裝鏡頭)及TG-5,TG-6,而相機配件、其他STYLUS TG系列套裝鏡頭並不包括在內,所有翻新品亦不能登記享有額外保養服務。

**一經登記產品資料後,不可再作修改,必須正確填寫資料。(如購買日期, 機身號碼等)


**用戶在產品登記之前, 敬請細閱有關之保養範圍及條款


**完成產品保養登記後, 當維修時客戶亦需要出示有效之保用証及購買單據正本。

**如客戶提供的產品資料有誤, OM Digital Solutions Hong Kong Limited有保留及取消之權利。
Product Registration
**Please skip product registration and directly fill-up Club OM member registration form if you are not owning any Olympus product.
The product registration and 3 months local warranty extension are only valid with the below conditions applied and need to finish the product registration in the warranty period.

**3 months local Warranty extension valid on Camera Body (OM-D/PEN), M.ZUIKO Lens (For purchased separately and M.ZUIKO Pro-Kit set only) ,and TG-5, TG-6. For all accessories, other STYLUS TG series, Kit Lens, and Refurbished Products are not acceptable.

**All registered information cannot be modified once submitted.( Purchasing Date, Serial No. etc)

**Every member is entitled to register up to 15 products

**Please read Warranty terms and conditions before registration

**Only in Hong Kong and Macau area
**Presence of Olympus official warranty card and purchase invoice issued by OM Digital Solutions Hong Kong Limited or local authorized dealers

**In case of any dispute, OM Digital Solutions Hong Kong Limited reserves the right to make the final decision.
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